J&J Auto Sales, Inc.  

94 Plymouth Voyager
Fresh transmission, 3.8L, good tires, good brakes, rust free and very clean. 150,000 miles. Slight body damage on passenger side. Has rear heat and a/c. Spent winters in Phoenix


2002 Dodge 1-Ton Extended

Handicapped lift side door, 2 wheelchair capabilities, 94,000 miles, fresh 5.9L motor, new tires, good brakes.



97 Pontiac Bonneville

3.8L series II fresh motor, factory chrome wheels, leather interior 220,000 miles,


94 Pontiac Grand Am

3.1L motor, very clean, good tires, brake's 140,000 miles, 



98 Buick LeSabre

3.8L series II fresh motor, good tires, good brakes, rust free , very clean, 120,000 miles,


99 Pontiac Grand Am

3.1L motor, new front springs, calipers, hose's, pad's, rotors, new tires, very clean 150,000 miles



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